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Spin Again: Cycle for ALS

The Ride Continues...
Bob's amazing journey may be over, but the spirit of his ride lives on in a new challenge! Bob's ride began with a $65,000...and now it is ending with another $65,000 challenge to help reach his goal of $500,000 to split between the "three reasons." Find out how you can help meet the challenge through the link below!

New $65,000 Challenge

Bob's ride took him 6,540 miles across the country in an effort to raise money and raise the profile of three causes that are close to his heart: cancer, ALS, and hospice. If you missed Bob's ride, you can read his stories and see his photos by clicking the link below.

A Ride for 3 Reasons

Congratulations and Welcome Home, Bob Lee!
Bob Lee has, at long last, returned from his awe-inspiring solo 6,540-mile bike trip, A Ride for 3 Reasons. Simply amazing. We hope he is enjoying a well-deserved rest and reunion with his family. We cannot imagine how grateful they must be to have him back, nor how proud they must be of his generosity, his energetic activism, and his tireless enthusiasm for making a difference in the world. We love you and all you stand for, Bob! Congratulations!

Call for a Cure
On September 19 and 20, the ALS Association launched "National Call for a Cure," a grassroots blitz to Capitol Hill. ALSA asked the entire ALS community--patients, families and advocates from across the country--to call their U.S. Senators and urge them to co-sponsor the ALS Registry Act and join our fight for a treatment and cure. The first day was such a success, it was extended to a second day.

Even if you missed National Call for a Cure Days, it's not too late to get involved!The following link provides all the information you need to find out how you can make a difference. Placing a call or writing a letter can make a tremendous difference in our fight. Please help!

Become an ALS Advocate

Cookies 4 a Cure:
 2009 Update

First off, I want to say another great big, huge, ginormous "THANK YOU!" to all of our awesome customers!

On Wednesday, July 1, and Wednesday, July 15, Emily and I sold our Cookies 4 a Cure 
to raise money for the 2009 Walk4Life.

July 1 was so cool, we needed sweatshirts! Hard to believe it was July! The cool weather was great for our cookies and great for sales.

July 15 was hot. Very, very hot! The blazing sun was melting our cookies and leaving messy faces on many of the kids who tried our tasty treats!

So far, over those two dates, we have raised $519. Not as great as last year, but considering the current state of the economy, we are doing better than we expected.

We have one last date coming up later this summer: August 12. This is one last chance to taste our fantabulous baked goods!  If you live in or around Grayslake and you like cookies, come visit our booth. You can eat cookies and raise money for a great cause all at the same time!

Hope to see you in August!

Nick Chamernik

 Cookies 4 a Cure:
 2008 Update 1

First off, a great big "THANK YOU!" to all of our wonderful customers!

Yesterday, June 18, Nick (me) and Emily re-launched Cookies 4 a Cure
, our own fundraiser to raise money for the 2008 Walk4Life. We raised $209 through cookie and magnet sales and donations, and we had the chance to talk to a lot of people about ALS.

We have two more dates coming up later this summer: July 23 and August 13. If you live in or around Grayslake and you like cookies, come visit our booth. You can eat cookies and raise money for a great cause all at the same time!

Yesterday, one customer asked if she could special order our world-famous frosted cut-out cookies for a birthday party. The answer is "Yes! We'd be happy to make cookies for any event, if it fits into our schedule." Please email us at with the date of your event, the type of cookies you want (for example; baseballs, footballs, butterflies, flowers, dinosaurs, etc.), and the quantity along with your phone number. If we are in town, and I'm not swamped with homework, we will be happy to do it!

Hope to see you later this summer!

Nick Chamernik

Bumper Magnets Are Now Available!


If you would like to help raise awareness by putting a magnet on your car, refrigerator, desk, filing cabinet--anything metal!--please contact us, using the link below. The magnets are $2 each, which covers the cost of production and shipping.

Order Bumper Magnet Now

Thanks for helping us spread the word about this website and raising awareness about ALS!

ALS Advocacy Days
Aimee, Jim, and Nick recently participated in ALS Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. Check out "The Latest" for some thoughts on their trip.