Walk4Life 2008

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The Rainiest Day in Chicago's History!

Saturday, September 13, 2008, went down in the history books as The Rainiest Day in Chicago History.
Rain ponchos are the new black.

While the rain soaked clothes, shoes, socks, hair, mascara, and yes, even our underwear, it could not dampen the spirits of the approximately 2,000 ALS patients, family and friends who showed up for the Les Turner ALS Foundation's 7th Annual ALS Walk4Life.

Jasmine competes in the swimming portion of the ALS triathlon.

We were humbled by the dedication of the more than 60 people who turned out to walk with or support the Ask About Aimee team.

If we ever need proof that my friends are as crazy--and stubborn!--as I am, there it is.

Evan wins the unofficial prize for Most Adorable Poncho Wearer.

Despite the sheets of rain slanting sideways into our tents after the Walk ended, plenty of team members stuck around for the wettest picnic ever.

Mmm...soggy hot dogs!

A huge thank you to everyone who brought food to share at The Wettest Picnic in Chicago History.

Torrential rains? Puddles that were easily 8 inches deep? We weren't going to let those keep us from Sue's famous "Better Than Sex Brownies"!

Lesson learned: Unless frigid temperatures make it impossible, I must wear shorts that do not extend past my knee. The weight of my sodden pant legs added another layer of difficulty to an already challenging 2-mile course.

An illustration from the children's book "I Wish that I Had Duck Feet"...
Aimee's new sandals: ugly but functional.

Lesson learned: Open-toed sandals were the perfect shoe--both for the wet terrain as well as to alleviate the pain caused by closed-toe shoes in previous years.

Team umbrellas for 2009?

Ask About Aimee Walk4Life Team Page

 A Series of Unfortunate Events: Part 5

Over the last four years, the "Ask About Aimee" Team has endured a blistering heat wave, the nauseating smell of dead fish, swarms of killer mosquitoes, and now, monsoon-like conditions. Send your prediction for next year's adversity to askaboutaimee@aol.com! The earliest entry accurately predicting the nature of next year's calamity will win an exclusive "Ask About Aimee" prize! Must be present at Walk4Life 2009 to win.