Walk4Life 2006

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What a fantastic turnout!
We are soooooo grateful for all the wonderful support we received for the 2006 ALS Walk4Life! Through your amazing efforts the "Ask about Aimee" team raised in excess of $40,000 (wow!) for ALS research and patient services. The Walk itself was a glorious celebration of life, and we feel so fortunate to have shared it with so many who are near and dear to our family. Thank you for all your efforts that made this Walk4Life a smashing success!
Below are some photos from the Walk4Life--more to come! Please click on any image to view a larger size.

clockwise from left: Zachary, Aimee, Jim, Nick, and Emily
We're ready to walk!

The Neas-Kovac-Chamernik clan

Aimee and Jim
The nametag says it all..."Awesome Husband" indeed!

from left: Eileen, Riley, Nicole, baby Lily, Sarah, Sandy, Nevaeh, TJ, Tom ,Jasmine, Amy and Aimee
Walking in style with the miracle-workers from Shear Genius salon (book your appointment today!)

Zachary and Jim
Aimee's cutie pies!

from left: Carol, Aimee, Jack and Vreni
If only all bosses were as terrific as these three...Scott Adams never would have created "Dilbert"!

Nick and Riley
WGN Kid of the Week!

Renée, Brent, Craig and Aimee
"Bohemian Rhapsody" anyone?

Carol and Aimee
"Drop the brownie and nobody gets hurt!" (Don't mess with the redheads!)

from left: Kelly and Jim, Jim and Aimee, Ann and Marty
Three of the 35,000 patients and families fighting for an ALS-free future

Laurie, Aimee and Zachary
"...and the award for Social Worker of the Millenium goes to...LAURIE!"

Vreni, Jack and Aimee
Sharing a laugh over memories from Hewitt (Who, Aimee? A crazed perfectionist? Impossible!)

Renée and Rachel lead the way!
New for 2006--a banner! (Thanks, Renée!)

from left: Kathy, Chrissy, Tracy and Aimee (seated)
The Alpha Gam contingent!

The Chamernik-Bardi clan

That was exhausting!

from left: Peggy, Jennie, Jill, Carolyn, Dave, Aimee, Margaret, George, and all the way from Arizona--Stacy!
Walkers from our Living Faith UMC church family

Aimee and Ginger
Just try to join a conversation with us--we dare you!

Our awesome team!

Scott and Jim
Alpha Gam Man 1990 (Scott) and 1991 (Jim)

from left: John, Darlene, Rosie, Renée, Aimee and Milena
The Kovac crew convenes to conquer ALS!

"Can't...stay awake...much longer..."

Two miles and the "Ask about Aimee" team is still going strong!
Closing in on the finish line...

walkers try desperately to block the stinky dead fish smell
Looks like the Cubs are up to their usual tricks...