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May 17, 2008

You Got the Wrong Gal, Alec

Guestbook entry from Alec:

the only reason I cared to visit urwebsite is because no more than 3 minutes ago you justcut me off and the last thing I saw before I slammed into the back of ur maroon chevy venture. Needless to say I'm sorry you have ALS that must be rough, but coincidentally you cut off a 19 year old guy in a big ass astro van! Hopefully you didn't do intentionally but next time you drive don't go out with a death wish.

Aimee's Reply

Subject: Your near-accident 


I am sincerely sorry for your near-miss today with a maroon Chevy Venture bearing my website's bumper magnet. I am glad you apparently weren't hurt, and I am surprised your message was as kind as it was, given your belief that I was the driver who cut you off. I assure you I wasn't. When I drive--which is not often, and not at all today--I am in a silver Honda Odyssey, and my husband drives a dark blue Honda Pilot.

My website is intended to raise awareness about ALS, and we made bumper magnets to help in our efforts. We have distributed hundreds and hundreds of them to friends and family -- who have in turn passed them out to their friends and family and so on. We have also made them available to others in the ALS community. Consequently, I have no idea who the driver of that vehicle was (or even what city/state you are in?).

Although it might seem likely that I would have a "death wish" given my current health situation, I most definitely do not. Nor do I wish to leave my three young children and darling husband any sooner than I must. In fact, I feel a stronger sense of purpose in my life right now than ever before, and I am working hard to raise ALS awareness every day -- though I must say, I've never gotten website traffic in quite this unfortunate way before!

I am horrified at the idea that someone with my magnet so recklessly risked your life and their own, and I hope it was an honest mistake. Again, I am truly sorry about your experience. I don't know what more I can say.

Best regards,

Aimee Chamernik

P.S. Perhaps you inadvertently mistyped your email address, or perhaps you were too cowardly to leave it correctly. Either way, I wanted to take this opportunity to make a reply in the hopes you might see it and reconsider your misplaced blame.
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May 5, 2008

No, thank you...

...I don't need a Braille menu...
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